Graphic Design

Good graphic design should extend further than a simple logo or color scheme. At Black Mountain, we pride ourselves on learning the story behind the design and implementing that into the design. We have extensive experience in logo design, corporate branding, product branding, print and digital media.


Pictures can be taken by almost anyone with a smartphone but photography is a skill that should be learned and mastered. Whether is a simple stock photoshoot, product examples, or a full photoshoot, having the skills and equipment to capture the message, tone, and story with a single shot can push your brand, product or service farther. Engaging the audience with photos is a difficult task but the team at Black Mountain has the ability and experience to ensure your message is seen and understood.

Web Design & Development

The first step to most products and businesses is the website. Black Mountain has 10+ years experience in designing, developing, managing, maintaining and securing your online presence. Whether your business needs e-commerce, SEO management, simple online presence, or a complicated setup, the team at Black Mountain will help you build exactly what you need. Just like our other services (and our entire approach), we spend the time to figure out exactly what you need and what you don’t need and help you get the online presence your business and product deserves.

Company Branding

Branding a company is not an exact science. There are techniques and skills that can be transferred but every company is different (otherwise why start a new one). The team at Black Mountain takes the time to learn everything about the business to create a branding and marketing strategy that will assist in the company’s success. In our experience, learning the reason why the company was created is a powerful message to your customers.

Product Development

Product development means many different things to many different people, however, most would agree it isn’t easy. Product development at it’s best should be the ability to take your product or brand and create it (seems pretty simple in those terms doesn’t it). All the processes aren’t that easy though. The team at Black Mountain has over 5 years experience in developing products and brands. This includes the actual creation of the product but also the marketing and potential outlets for them.

Business Development and Consulting

Creating a new business is a fun and exciting time – it’s also something else, stressful. The team at Black Mountain has 7+ years experience with consulting businesses (specifically local businesses, product, and technology companies) on how to grow their business, set it up for success, and even scale when the time comes for it.